Keep K-Sto Kickin!

In an effort to actuallize the many different projects I am involved in, take a minute to check out what I’m working on and see where you can donate. Whether it be to a specific production or my general training fund, ALL donations will go to making the art I yearn to see in this world!



Being a badass comes naturally, but executing that badassery takes time, training, materials, and slew of other expenses. Support my goals by donating directly to my journey! This is used for continuous learning opportunities like….

  • 2019 National Stage Combat Workshop hosted by the Society of American Fight Directors in Ruston, LA
  • 2018 Intimacy Directors International first annual workshop in Urbana, IL
  • 2018 Lonestar Smash Stage Combat and Cirque Workshop in Dallas, TX
  • Continuous martial, cirque, voice, and fight training!

The link above will take you to venmo where you can directly support my arts. Use comment #gokstogo when donating and receive a personalized thank you!


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