Thanks for taking the time to get to know me better!

I’m an Atlanta native, which are hard to come by these days. My theatre career began at 11 in the burbs of Atlanta primarily at the Towne Lake Arts Center, now known as Elm Street Cultural Arts Village, where I occasionally still work as a fight director and instructor. Voted ‘Most Talented’ of my senior class at Sprayberry High School, I continued my education at Columbus State University receiving a BFA in Theatre Performance. This opened my eyes to the Meisner technique of acting through a two year study with Larry MacDonald. I allow this to be the foundation for my work, sprinkling in a few things I’ve learned over the years. Straight out of undergrad I felt the pull of swinging sharp metal and saying pretty words and accepted an apprenticeship with the Atlanta Shakespeare Company at the Shakespeare Tavern. That year really crafted my point of view on stage. Delving into the Elizabethan style of open address to the audience, I found a way to connect with audiences like never before.  Since my apprenticeship I have been working across the metro-Atlanta area as an actor, puppeteer, fight director, singer, movement artist, and more!

I relish finding new avenues of story-telling through movement. An actor combatant myself, I am drawn to narratives that go beyond words whether on stage or off. My desire for the combative arts started early. The youngest of three, I never had much of a voice when fighting over who was stuck in the middle seat. That underlying sense of revenge has fed my training for the last 10+ years. Now a member with the Society of American Fight Directors, I continue training through their sanctioned classes and workshops. I find a lot of joy passing some of these skills to younger performers and encouraging them to take ownership of their own physical domain early. Let’s chat about choreographing an upcoming production or doing a workshop for your school!

Currently I am taking the time to advance my skill-set; learning jiu jitsu, cirque and flow arts, intimacy direction, and more. Aside from my theatrical career I am very involved in my personal fitness (I do, indeed lift, bro) I really grasp on to disciplines with a strong technique, which does wonders for my OCD! Over the years I have learned a few cool tricks, here’s a few…

  • Whip Skills
  • CPR certified
  • Can toss pizza dough mid-air
  • Stage Management
  • Contact Juggling
  • Volunteer Sexual Assault Victims’ Advocate
  • Drumming
  • Culinary Storytelling
  • ‘Price is Right’ hopeful, can guess a Showcase Showdown within $1,000

…and the list goes on! I’m always eager to expand my collaborative mindset. Follow along on social media to see what new hi-jinks I’m adding into the K-Sto repertoire!