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Kristin Storla as Mercutio…[is] very good at making too-much-testosterone an oxymoron, not attempting to hide the fact that [she is a] women mocking toxic masculinity.  Their sword fight is downright spectacular…  The give those of us who like to “read too much” into directorial and staging choices plenty of grist to start a “let’s talk 2020 gender roles” discussion here.”

Romeo and Juliet – Atlanta Shakespeare Company –

“Below, check out our conversation with multitalented puppeteer Kristin Storla as she shares her insights about the collaborative art form of puppeting, what makes this production special, and why this beloved children’s tale strikes a chord with all ages.”

Peter Pan – The Center for Puppetry Arts –

“Kristin Storla gave Thea a wonderful contrast between seeming innocence and true calculation.”

Hedda Gabbler – The Seedling project  –

“Kristin Storla is affecting as Thea, Hedda’s friend”

Hedda Gabbler – The Seedling project  –

“Kristin Storla plays Audrey, a country wench, wringing every possible bit of “country” and “wench” out of her performance.”

As You Like It – The Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern  –

“I thought Kristin Storla was effective as an obnoxious (rather than sweet) Bianca”

The Taming of the Shrew – Atlanta Shakespeare Tavern  –